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We offer flooring products from leading brands like Robert Malcolm, Belgotex, Feltex, Balterio, Wools of New Zealand and more. Discover our full range below.


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With so many different colours, styles and textures to choose from in our variety of ranges, we’re sure you’ll find a carpet solution that meets your style needs, fits your budget, and is practical for the space.

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Garage carpet

Garage Carpet can turn your garage into a multipurpose space and give you a new area that adds an extra room home. Garage Carpet is also suitable for use in home gyms and rumpus rooms.

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Carpet Tiles

We have an extensive range of carpet tiles in our showroom. Versatile and hardwearing carpet tiles are suitable for a variety of projects including: healthcare, retail, education, hospitality, entertainment, commercial fit-outs and tourism applications. They are easy to maintain including tiles produced with environmental responsibility in mind. No matter what your requirements are, we have a carpet tile to suit your needs.

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Sleepyhead Flooring's high quality carpet underlays provides superior warmth, comfort, acoustic and moisture resistance properties.

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We have extensive ranges of laminate flooring from Europe available in our showroom including waterproof ranges which are suitable for wet areas. They will be sure to transform your space.

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Luxury Vinyl Planks

Vinyl is a very popular flooring choice with its unique benefits. It is easy to clean, install and maintain and is one of the most long-lasting flooring solutions.

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Sheet Vinyl

We offer a huge variety of Sheet Vinyls that could be the perfect choice for you space. Visit our showroom to check out the extensive range we offer.