Carpet Tiles

We have an extensive range of carpet tiles in our showroom. Versatile and hardwearing carpet tiles are suitable for a variety of projects including: healthcare, retail, education, hospitality, entertainment, commercial fit-outs and tourism applications. They are easy to maintain including tiles produced with environmental responsibility in mind. No matter what your requirements are, we have a carpet tile to suit your needs.

Storm Front

Storm Front is an elegant tufted carpet plank range that will change your environment in a remarkable way. Rejuvenate, refresh and transform any heavy commercial setting by combining stunning stylish interior design with innovation. Thi is engineered for heavy commercial areas and manufactured using stain and fade proof solution-dyed nylon to suit all flooring needs.

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Colour- Glow

Colour- Ice

Colour- Soot

Colour- Avo


Our carpet tiles are available in various colours, patterns, sizes, and textures. Since individual tiles can easily be replaced, they offer a more modular approach to carpeting. It’s a cost-effective, fast, and easy flooring solution that can be arranged in various ways to achieve a unique pattern

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Colour- 171 TP01

Colour- 169 TP02

Colour- 64 TP08

Colour- 165 TP07

Colour- 176 TP06

Colour- 163 TR05

Colour- 160 TR04

Colour- 175 TR03

Colour- 155 TR02

Colour- 162 TR01


Odeon is a versatile range designed and manufactured in Europe. Odeon carpet tiles have a fire test certificate, a solid sound absorption test result and is produced with environmental responsibility.

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Colour- Brown 785

Colour- 965

Colour- 935

Colour- 915

Colour- 765

Colour- 635

Colour- 615

Colour- Dark Grey 985

Colour- Blue 185